How does it work?

  1. Get started by taking our assessment to see if you’re a potential candidate for treatment. If you’re a candidate, you’ll be invited to complete our patient intake forms and create a Mindbloom account. 
  2. Schedule an exploratory call with one of our guides to learn more about the process. 
  3. Schedule a time for a video consult with a clinician and, if appropriate, your first session. 
  4. Enhance your treatment plan with personalized programming and action plans. You will be paired with a guide who will support you through your course of treatment. 
  5. Complete your four Ketamine sessions. The first two will be more hands-on; you will have video touch points with your guide to walk you through the process. 
  6. After your first course of treatment, you and your clinician will determine whether it will be safe and beneficial for you to continue treatment and develop a personalized treatment plan moving forward.

Learn more about How Mindbloom Works, or read our in-depth walkthrough of the Mindbloom experience.

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